Zong Internet Setting With Settings Code For Android and IOS User

Keeping in touch is now a need in the hectic digital age rather than a luxury One of the top telecom companies in Pakistan Zong offers blazing-fast internet connections that keep you linked to the outside world

zong internet setting

It’s crucial to have the proper settings in place if you want to make the most of your Zong internet experience We will explore the nuances of Zong internet settings in this blog and present you the crucial Zong internet configuration code for the best possible connectivity

Zong’s Internet Configuration and Settings

Zong provides a variety of internet configurations to accommodate various gadgets and user inclinations A flawless online experience depends on having the right settings configured on your smartphone tablet or other internet-enabled device

For Android Users

  1. Navigate to your device’s settings
  2. Select Wireless & Networks or a similar option
  3. Choose Mobile Networks and then Access Point Names
  4. Add a new APN with the following details
    • Name – Zong Internet
    • APN – zonginternet
    • MCC – 410
    • MNC – 01
    • Authentication Type – PAP or CHAP Save the settings and activate the newly created APN

For iOS Users

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone
  2. Select Cellular and then Cellular Data Network
  3. Enter the following details –
    • APN – zonginternet
    • Username – Leave blank
    • Password – Leave blank Save the settings and enable cellular data

For Dongles and Mobile Broadband Devices

  1. Access the device settings interface
  2. Look for the Profile or Connection Settings option
  3. Add a new profile with the following details –
    • Profile Name – Zong Internet
    • APN – zonginternet
    • Authentication Type – PAP or CHAP Save the settings and activate the new profile

Zong Internet Setting Code

Zong gives you a unique code that sets up your device with the proper internet settings automatically making the configuration process even simpler If you dial *10# from your Zong number the internet settings will be sent straight to your device To install the settings automatically adhere to the steps

Benefits of Proper Zong Internet Settings

  • Faster Speeds – Zong’s high-speed internet is fully optimized for you to take advantage of
  • Stability – A steady online experience is produced by properly configured systems which reduce connectivity problems
  • Data Efficiency – Appropriate configurations facilitate effective data utilization by averting needless consumption


You can access a world of flawless connectivity and unmatched internet speeds by using the Zong internet setting code and properly configuring the settings With Zong keep informed stay connected and get the most out of your internet experience

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