Network & internet

The Network & Internet settings on your phone allow you to manage and configure various connectivity options to ensure seamless communication and access to online services. Within these settings, you can control and customize your device’s connection to both mobile networks and Wi-Fi networks.

In the Network settings, you can manage your mobile data usage, enable or disable data roaming, and select preferred network types (such as 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G) based on the capabilities of your phone and your network provider. You can also monitor your data usage, set data limits, and restrict background data for specific apps to optimize your data plan.

The Internet settings provide you with control over your Wi-Fi connections. You can scan for available networks, connect to a Wi-Fi network by entering its password, and save preferred networks for automatic connection. Additionally, you can modify advanced Wi-Fi settings, such as enabling Wi-Fi calling or configuring a proxy server.

Moreover, the Network & Internet settings allow you to configure and manage virtual private networks (VPNs), which provide secure and private access to remote networks or the internet. Here, you can set up and connect to VPNs using various protocols, such as OpenVPN or IPSec, and manage VPN profiles for different networks or purposes.

Overall, the Network & Internet settings empower you to tailor your phone’s connectivity options to your preferences, ensuring reliable and efficient network access while protecting your privacy and managing your data usage effectively.

Wi-Fi Settings


Phone Wi-Fi settings enable you to connect to wireless networks, customize preferences, and optimize your online experience. Accessible from your phone's settings menu, you can view available networks, connect to trusted Wi-Fi, and set up automatic connections. You can prioritize networks, forget saved ones, and adjust advanced settings if necessary. Personalize your wireless connectivity options for seamless browsing and enhanced internet usage.

SIM card & mobile network Settings

SIM card & mobile network

SIM card and mobile network settings on your phone are essential for staying connected. The SIM card holds your unique information, enabling calls, texts, and data usage. In these settings, you can select network operators, manage data roaming, and monitor signal strength and usage. Take control of your cellular connectivity for seamless communication and uninterrupted access to the internet.

Airplane mode Settings

Airplane mode

Airplane mode on your phone disables all wireless connections instantly. It turns off cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC functions to comply with flight regulations and conserve battery. Easily toggle it on or off to disconnect or reconnect to wireless networks as needed.

Hotspot & tethering Settings

Hotspot & tethering

Hotspot and tethering settings on your phone let you share your data connection with other devices. Create a Wi-Fi network or connect via USB/Bluetooth. Configure settings and share internet seamlessly. Stay connected and share data effortlessly.

Network management settings

Network management

Network management settings on your phone allow you to customize and control your cellular and wireless connections. Adjust preferences, monitor data usage, and optimize connectivity. Stay in control for a seamless network experience.

Data Saver Settings

Data Saver

Data Saver settings on your phone conserve mobile data. Restrict background usage, reduce data while browsing. Control app access, save data, stay connected efficiently.

VPN Settings


VPN settings on your phone ensure a secure and private internet connection. Encrypt your traffic, protect data, and browse anonymously. Safeguard your online privacy with ease.

Private DNS Settings

Private DNS

Private DNS settings on your phone enhance privacy and security. Configure trusted DNS server, encrypt queries. Safeguard against tracking and attacks. Control your DNS resolution for a safer browsing experience.