Google Calendar Settings On My Phone Android & iPhone App Observances

We live in a fast-paced world where time management skills are more important than ever. Among the most effective tools for keeping us on top of our schedules and organized is Google Calendar.

Understanding the nuances of Google Calendar settings is crucial to getting the most out of this useful tool.

google calendar settings

Whether you’re using Google Calendar on an iPhone Android device or just on your web browser, this article will walk you through the necessary settings to personalize your experience.

Google Calendar Settings on Android Phone

Android users may get more out of their Google Calendar settings when it comes to scheduling while on the road. Use these steps to go to these settings on your Android device –

1. Launch the Google Calendar application.

2. To access the side menu tap the three horizontal lines located in the upper-left corner.

3. After swiping down choose Settings.

This is where you may change your calendar’s default event duration event notifications and other features. Make sure you experiment with these options to customize your calendar for your own requirements.

Google Calendar Settings on iPhone

Google Calendar settings are easy to navigate for iPhone users. To view and modify your Apple device’s settings, follow these steps –

1. Launch the Google Calendar application.

2. In the upper-left corner tap the three horizontal lines.

3. After swiping down choose Settings.

Like the Android version there are a ton of personalization choices. Try adjusting these parameters to get your Google Calendar to function properly on the iOS environment.

Google Calendar Settings for Holidays and Observances

Organize your calendar to include holidays and observances to stay ahead of schedule. To alter or add to these events –

  • Open Google Calendar on your preferred device.
  • Tap the + button to create a new event.
  • Select More options to access additional settings.
  • Under Event details choose Custom from the calendar dropdown.
  • Toggle on/off the Holidays and Observances calendars according to your preference.

This makes sure that your calendar not only shows your obligations in terms of work and personal life but it also reminds you of holidays and observances that are coming up.

Hide Observances in Google Calendar Settings

Google Calendar makes it simple to hide observances if you’d rather have a clearer look without them –

  • Open Google Calendar.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines go to Settings and select the calendar you want to customize.
  • Toggle the switch next to Observances to hide them from your calendar view.

For people who like to concentrate on their own events without interruptions this option is really helpful.

How to Change Google Calendar Settings

Use these general instructions if you ever need to modify your Google Calendar settings in a more comprehensive way –

  • Open Google Calendar.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines go to Settings.
  • Explore the available options to customize your calendar according to your preferences.


Google Calendar is a flexible tool that gains even more capability when tailored to your own requirements. Whether you use your calendar on an iPhone Android smartphone or any other platform.

You can turn it into a customized productivity hub by learning how to use its many settings. Explore these settings to see how Google Calendar may be used to organize your calendar effectively and seamlessly.

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