Display & brightness

The Display & Brightness settings on your phone allow you to personalize and adjust the visual aspects of your device’s screen. Within these settings, you can control the brightness levels, choose display modes, and configure other display-related options.

In the Display settings, you can adjust the brightness level to make the screen brighter or dimmer according to your preference or lighting conditions. You can manually adjust the brightness or enable automatic brightness, which automatically adapts the screen brightness based on ambient light levels.

Furthermore, you can choose display modes that suit your viewing preferences, such as Standard, Vivid, or Night mode. These modes adjust color saturation, contrast, and temperature to enhance the display quality or reduce eye strain in low-light environments.

Additionally, you can configure other display-related options like screen timeout, which determines the duration before your phone’s screen automatically turns off to conserve battery life. You can also adjust the font size and style to improve readability or enable features like Adaptive Brightness, which learns your brightness preferences over time and adjusts accordingly.

Overall, the Display & Brightness settings empower you to personalize your phone’s screen appearance, optimize viewing comfort, and conserve battery life. With these settings, you can ensure a visually pleasing and customized display experience that suits your individual needs.

Brightness Settings


Brightness settings on a phone allow users to adjust screen illumination for better visibility and battery conservation in different lighting conditions.

Adaptive brightness Settings

Adaptive brightness

Adaptive brightness settings on a phone automatically adjust screen brightness based on ambient lighting, optimizing visibility and saving battery.

Eye Protection Settings

Eye Protection

Eye Protection settings on a phone reduce blue light emissions, easing eye strain and promoting healthier sleep patterns during screen usage.

Dark theme Settings

Dark theme

Dark theme settings on a phone provide a visually appealing and comfortable viewing experience by replacing bright backgrounds with darker tones. It reduces eye strain, enhances readability, and potentially conserves battery life.

Screen timeout Settings

Screen timeout

Screen timeout settings on a phone automatically turn off the screen after a period of inactivity, saving battery power and ensuring privacy.

Auto-rotate screen Settings

Auto-rotate screen

Auto-rotate screen settings on a phone automatically adjust the screen orientation based on device tilt, providing a seamless and convenient viewing experience.

Screen colors Settings

Screen colors

Screen colors settings on a phone enable users to customize the display's color calibration and saturation, tailoring the visual experience to their preferences for optimal viewing.

Font & display size Settings

Font & display size

Font & display size settings on a phone allow users to adjust text size and overall display scaling for improved readability and personalized viewing comfort.

Font style Settings

Font style

Font style settings on a phone enable users to customize the appearance of system fonts, allowing for a personalized and unique visual experience.

Status bar Settings

Status bar

Status bar settings on a phone enable users to customize the information and layout displayed at the top of the screen, providing a personalized and streamlined experience.

Screen Saver Settings

Screen Saver

Screen saver settings on a phone let users personalize the idle screen display with visual patterns, animations, or personal photos, adding a touch of creativity and protecting the screen from burn-in.

Screen refresh rate Settings

Screen refresh rate

Screen refresh rate settings on a phone allow users to adjust the frequency at which the display refreshes, providing a smoother and more responsive visual experience tailored to their preferences.

Visual enhancement​ Settings

Visual enhancement

Visual enhancement settings on a phone offer options to optimize display quality, including color correction, image sharpening, and contrast adjustments, providing a more vibrant and immersive visual experience.

Full screen display of apps​ Settings

Full screen display of apps

Full screen display settings on a phone maximize app viewing area, eliminating distractions and providing an immersive and engaging experience.

Display at the top of the screen​ Settings

Display at the top of the screen

Display at the top of the screen settings on a phone allow users to customize what appears in the upper portion of the display, providing a more minimalist and focused viewing experience.