Bluetooth & devices

Bluetooth & Devices settings on your phone allow you to manage and customize your device’s Bluetooth connections and other connected devices. Within these settings, you can control Bluetooth functionality, pair and connect to devices, and manage device permissions.

In the Bluetooth settings, you can toggle Bluetooth on or off, scan for nearby devices, and pair your phone with other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as headphones, speakers, or smartwatches. Once paired, you can easily connect or disconnect from these devices whenever needed. You can also manage device names, visibility settings, and control whether your phone is discoverable by other devices.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth & Devices settings provide options for managing other connected devices such as printers, keyboards, or game controllers. You can add or remove these devices, modify their settings, and configure permissions for each device category. For example, you can allow or deny access for specific apps to use your connected devices.

These settings empower you to customize your phone’s Bluetooth and connected device experience according to your preferences. You can effortlessly connect to and manage a variety of devices, enhancing your phone’s functionality and enabling seamless interactions with external peripherals and accessories.

Bluetooth Settings


Bluetooth settings on your phone enable wireless connections with devices like headphones, speakers, and keyboards. Activate Bluetooth, pair devices, and control connections in one place. Easily discover nearby devices and initiate secure pairing with a simple passkey confirmation. Manage connected devices, including disconnecting or renaming them. Enjoy the convenience of wireless connectivity for a range of Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Smart Mirroring Settings

Smart Mirroring

Wirelessly display your phone's screen on a larger screen with Smart Mirroring settings. Enable and configure the feature, connect to compatible devices, and enjoy seamless media sharing. Customize resolution, aspect ratio, and audio options for an optimal viewing experience. Effortlessly share photos, videos, and presentations on a bigger screen for entertainment or collaboration. Enhance your multimedia experience with convenient Smart Mirroring settings.

OTG Connection Settings

OTG Connection

Unlock the power of your phone's USB capabilities with OTG Connection settings. Enable the feature, connect USB devices like flash drives or keyboards, and expand your phone's functionality. Transfer files, use peripherals, and manage power distribution effortlessly. Harness the convenience of OTG Connection settings for enhanced mobile capabilities.

Printing Settings


Print seamlessly from your phone with Printing settings. Connect to compatible printers, customize print options, and manage print jobs effortlessly. Print documents, photos, and more directly from your phone for convenience and productivity. Simplify your printing experience with easy-to-use Printing settings.

Chromebook Settings


Customize and control your Chromebook experience with Chromebook settings. Adjust display, sound, and keyboard preferences. Manage network connections, notifications, and power settings. Personalize user accounts and profiles. Access Chrome OS-specific settings for a seamless experience. Tailor your Chromebook to your preferences with easy-to-use settings.

Nearby Share Settings

Nearby Share

Effortlessly share files with Nearby Share settings. Enable the feature, choose recipients from nearby devices, and exchange files seamlessly. Customize visibility and sharing preferences for a personalized experience. Enjoy fast and cable-free file sharing with Nearby Share settings on your phone.

Android Auto Settings

Android Auto

Enhance your driving experience with Android Auto settings. Connect your phone to your car's infotainment system, enabling optimized apps and functions. Customize app preferences, adjust audio and display settings, and manage notifications for a personalized in-car experience. Stay connected and entertained while keeping your focus on the road with Android Auto settings on your phone.