Network & Internet

Network & internet

Network & Internet settings on your phone enable you to manage connectivity options. Control mobile data usage, select network types, and monitor data limits. Connect to Wi-Fi networks, save preferred ones, and modify advanced settings. Configure and connect to VPNs for secure access. Customize connectivity for a reliable, efficient, and private network experience.

Bluetooth & devices

Bluetooth & devices

Bluetooth & Devices settings on your phone allow you to manage and customize the Bluetooth connections and other connected devices. Pair and connect your phone with Bluetooth-enabled devices like headphones or speakers. Manage device names, visibility settings, and permissions. Add, remove, and configure settings for other connected devices such as printers or keyboards. Enhance your phone's functionality by seamlessly connecting and interacting with external peripherals and accessories.

Display & brightness

Display & brightness

Display & Brightness settings on your phone let you personalize the screen. Adjust brightness, choose display modes, and configure screen timeout. Enhance visual quality, reduce eye strain, and conserve battery. Customize your phone's display for a comfortable and personalized viewing experience.

Lock Screen & Wallpaper

Lock Screen & Wallpaper

Lock Screen & Wallpaper settings on your phone personalize the appearance of your device. Choose wallpapers from pre-installed options or your own images. Customize lock screen settings for notifications, app shortcuts, and widgets. Create a visually appealing and personalized lock screen experience.

Dynamic Effects

Dynamic Effects

Dynamic Effects settings on your phone add visual enhancements. Enjoy animated wallpapers, parallax effects, and interactive elements. Personalize your device with engaging and lively animations. Elevate your user experience with dynamic visual effects.

Sound & vibrations

Sound & vibrations

Sound & Vibrations settings on your phone control audio and vibration experience. Adjust volume levels, set personalized ringtones, and configure vibration settings. Customize alerts to suit your preferences. Personalize the audio and vibration aspects of your device.

Apps Phone Settings


Apps settings on your phone manage installed applications. View app details, uninstall or disable apps. Control app permissions for privacy. Customize and optimize your app experience.

Notifications Settings


Notifications settings on your phone control how alerts are displayed. Customize notification preferences, adjust sounds and vibration. Prioritize important alerts and manage app-specific notifications. Stay informed and in control of your notifications.

System update

System update

System Update settings on your phone install software updates. Improve performance, add features, and fix bugs. Stay up to date with the latest security enhancements. Enhance your phone's functionality and ensure optimal performance.

Battery Settings


Battery settings on your phone optimize battery usage. View battery level and usage stats. Enable power-saving modes for longer battery life. Customize settings to conserve power. Maximize battery performance for an improved user experience.

RAM & storage space

RAM & storage space

RAM & Storage settings on your phone optimize memory and storage. View usage, clear cache, manage storage space. Improve performance, free up memory, and maximize available storage. Enhance your phone's efficiency for a better user experience.

Security Phone Settings


Security settings on your phone protect your device and data. Set screen lock methods, enable encryption. Manage app permissions, control data access. Enable Find My Device and secure browsing. Enhance device security for peace of mind.

Privacy Settings


Privacy settings on your phone protect personal information. Control app permissions, manage data access. Customize privacy settings, limit data collection. Enhance privacy and security on your device.

Location Settings


Location settings on your phone control location access. Manage app permissions, customize settings. Enable or disable location services. Protect privacy and control location tracking.

Ultra Game Mode

Ultra Game Mode

Ultra Game Mode on your phone enhances gaming. Optimizes performance, minimizes distractions. Block interruptions, maximize gameplay. Additional features for recording, customized controls. Elevate your gaming experience.

Shortcuts & accessibility Settings

Shortcuts & accessibility

Shortcuts & Accessibility settings on your phone customize usage. Create shortcuts, personalize gestures. Enable accessibility features for inclusive usage. Enhance convenience, improve accessibility.

Ultra Game Mode

Safety & emergency

Safety & Emergency settings on your phone ensure your well-being. Add emergency contacts, enable SOS features. Manage safety settings for peace of mind. Stay prepared for emergencies.

Digital Wellbeing & parental controls

Digital Wellbeing & parental controls

Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls settings promote balance and safety. Manage screen time, set app limits. Establish healthy device usage habits. Enable parental controls for a secure digital environment.

Google Phone Settings


Google settings on your phone customize your experience. Manage accounts, sync data. Personalize search, location, and Assistant settings. Control app preferences for Google apps. Enhance your Google experience.

Account settings


Accounts setting on your phone manages your accounts. Add, customize, and remove accounts. Control settings, sync preferences. Enhance security and convenience.

System phone settings


System settings on your phone customize functionality. Adjust display, sound, and connectivity. Stay updated with system updates. Manage storage and memory. Personalize your device for optimal usage.

About phone Settings

About phone

About Phone settings provide device details. Model, OS version, and updates. Hardware information, legal details. Stay informed and manage your device.